An Eight Week Holistic Hair Program for Luscious Locks

March 10 - May 8, 2024

Welcome to Reclaim Your Mane, an 8 week holistic hair program for luscious locks.

This program is for you if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Thinning Hair
  • Receding Hairline
  • Dry damaged hair
  • Limp, lifeless hair
  • Dry scalp & dandruff
  • Unexplainable hair loss
  • More blah hair days than good ones

Hi Dear One,

I’m delighted to help you reclaim your mane in a healthy, natural way. This program is a combination of both internal nourishment and external hair treatments to promote strong, luxurious hair growth. Not only will it have your hair looking and feeling amazing, but it will inspire glowing skin as well.

I understand how hair can affect one’s appearance and confidence. Think about how you feel on a particularly “good hair day” versus a day when you hair feels dry, brittle, and lifeless. I would like to help you experience good hair days as the new normal, and empower you to self-care with some of nature’s greatest beauty treasures.

This 8 week program can be done from anywhere and once you know what to do, you can take use these skills for life to keep your hair healthy and happy. The program requires a very minimal time investment of just a few minutes a day and can fit into active lifestyles. There are specific instructions on when to take breaks to optimize the effect of the protocol on your hair

This Program Includes:

  • Opening Circle & Resource List to Get You Started
  • Bi-Weekly Live Q&A (Your Chance to Receive One on One Support for Health Issues in a Group Setting)
  • Guided Meditations to Accelerate Healing
  • Bonus Dance Classes to Inspire You to Move
  • Easy to Follow Herbal Protocols for Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Delicious Recipes & Tutorials on Creating Hair-Nourishing Elixirs & Healthy Treats
  • Circle of Supportive Sisterhood to Keep Your Inspired and Accountable
  • Weekly Schedule of Self-Care to Support Inner & Outer Beauty & Take the Guesswork Out of it
  • Instructions on How to Create Magical Hair & Scalp Nourishing Oils & Infusions to Nourish Your Feminine Vitality
  • Closing Celebration Circle to Chart Your Success & Receive Integration to Continue Enjoying Healthier Hair Into the Future









This is the first time Reclaim Your Mane is being offered in an online group setting, and it's designed to begin 2023 with a shared commitment to self-care, healing, and deeply restorative feminine nourishment. Over these 8 weeks, you will be empowered with inspiration, loving support and encouragement, along with the knowledge and skills to continue caring for your beautiful self from the inside out. 

True beauty is within, and for lasting results, I'll be here on this journey to help you get to the root of any imbalances so you can fortify your vitality and health to start the new year feeling good. Healthier hair, skin and nails will be an added bonus to the internal replenishment and soulful empowerment we will share together.

What People Are Saying:

Taylor M.

Your hair oil is so incredible my hairdresser actually thought I got hair extensions when I saw him!

Joy K.

My hair is growing, changing and I am smiling and super grateful. So grateful to be truly feeling more thickness to my mane.

Lauren D.

 Hi dear Jacqui, Thank you so much for all of your support with herbs and oil, information and recommendations, and most of all for the positive encouragement. I watched your video last night and so appreciated your joyful presence and communication style. I feel cheered on by you (and the herbs!) Just having herbs around is healing and comforting for me and preparing and taking them is empowering. So thank you for offering this program and for holding such warm and encouraging space for me.

Barbara P.

At first I didn't notice any changes, but my husband told me he could tell a big difference and then multiple friends complimented my hair! So this is definitely a big success and one of the side effects is I've noticed I'm not craving junk food all the time anymore since I've been taking the herbs. I think your protocols are brilliant and something wonderful is underway. 

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An 8 Week Holistic Hair Program for Luscious Locks

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About your Guide

Jacqui Lalita is the founder of the Wild Wisdom School of Earth Medicine & Embodiment. She has been an herbalist for two decades and integrates her knowledge of the wise woman tradition of healing, shamanism, holistic health, neuroscience, nutrition and astrology to help people heal at the root level. In her private wellness practice, she specializes in helping women recover from adrenal fatigue, burnout, hormone imbalance, chronic illness, anxiety and depression. She offers 6 month herbal apprenticeship trainings as a deep dive into the magical world of herbalism. She has a passion for nature, animals, dance, travel, healthy food and inspiring people to choose natural beauty over chemicals.