Soul of Belly Dance
Foundations Course

Benefits of Belly Dance

Belly dance is an enlivening form of exercise that tones muscles, improves circulation and helps calm the mind. It is believed to have originated thousands of years ago as a childbirth ritual and the figure 8s, circles, undulations and twists tonify inner organs and muscles, promoting strength, flexibility and vitality. On an emotional level, belly dance helps to mend the relationship we as women have with our bellies, which in turn empowers our creative expression and sense of worth. Through this dance we are encouraged to cultivate self-love and acceptance and bask in the healing beauty of sisterhood and sensuality.

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Key Benefits Include:

Unlocking the hips

Deepening connection to our femininity

Enhancing self confidence and body image

Toning the reproductive organs

Increasing libido and healing sexual traumas

Assisting in weight loss

Expanding our sense of well being

What’s Included in this Course? 

  • 25 Classes of Different Lengths Breaking Down the Full Repertoire of Middle Eastern dance
  • Bonus Level Two Layering Classes
  • Bonus Silk Veils Class
  • Replays of 3 Live 60 Minute Classes to Put Your Moves Into Action
  • 8 Hour-long Music Playlists to Keep You Inspired to Dance

Register Now for the Soul of Belly Dance for $222