Wild Wisdom Apprenticeship

Herbalism & Earth Medicine for Personal & Planetary Healing

April 20 - Oct 28, 2023

Re-Wild, Replenish & Rise On Your Path as a Wise Woman Healer with Jacqui Lalita

Once upon a time,  women walked as healers and embodied wisdom keepers of the wild sacred rhythms of the Earth and stars. They planted seeds of their intentions, created herbal medicines for their communities, tended to their soul’s garden, gathered in ritual and ceremony,  and bloomed like wild roses under the moonlight.  

Nowadays,  in these fast-paced  times, so many women are exhausted and anxious, feeling disconnected from the natural cycles and wild wisdom within.  Maybe you can relate?  

I’ve been there and it was the ancient plant allies that brought me back to my truth and inner radiance again and again.  Over the past 20 years of being an herbalist, I have witnessed miracles happen and it is my humble joy to share these sacred medicines with my sisters during such transformational times.
Now is the time to come home to the Earth’s medicine and healing magic, to rekindle wonder and re-attune to the regenerative energies within and all around you.   Nature is our greatest medicine.  Her plants are here to help us recalibrate and reconnect to ourselves at the deepest level.
This is why I created the Wild Wisdom Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship Training.  

This magical journey is in rhythm with the seasons to cleanse, replenish and nurture your inner healing abilities, as you fortify your knowledge of herbalism and natural medicine. Our online learning ground is a sacred place for women to circle together and be inspired by the knowledge of self-healing, herbal allies, Earth medicine, evolutionary astrology. plant spirit communication, embodiment practices, and ancient remedies to hold you in your soft strength.  

You will learn how to develop a lifestyle of working with herbs, plant allies and optimal nutrition which can serve you in healing at a core level any issues you may have been struggling for years with. 

As you walk your own healing journey, you will gather the tools to help those around you, from loved ones to clients.  By learning to help those in your community heal, you will leave with the tools to be a beacon of light wherever you go, a radiant medicine woman walking in harmony with the rhythm of Nature. 

Herbal medicine is an essential medicine of the past, present and future, only growing exponentially as people look for alternatives to pharmaceuticals and their harmful side effects.  The living Earth contains living libraries of profound plant allies that can help us immensely on our journey of radiant health, vitality, and emotional wellbeing.  
When a woman learns to work with the botanical treasures and medical plants of our Earth, it helps her vibrancy deepen, her health improve, her anxieties ease, her mind unwind and her clarity and intuition can lead the way.    

If you are eager to feel healthier and more embodied in your femininity and vitality,  then I  welcome you to join us for the Wild Wisdom Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship.  Here, you will learn how to deeply self-care and integrate incredible herbal allies into everyday life for radiance and resilience. One sister at a time, we can be part of the solution to these times and help inspire a healing renaissance that connects us to the wild feminine wisdom within us.  

I hope you will join us!  



Wild Wisdom Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship

April 20 - Oct 28, 2023

The Wild Wisdom Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship is a 6 month online medicine woman training weaving the wise woman tradition of herbalism with self-healing practices, intuitive plant magic,  kitchen witchery,  ritual, ceremony,  sacred medicine making, evolutionary astrology,  and the deepening of our connection to the living Earth.  

Throughout our journey, you will receive the life-changing support of herbal allies, customized protocols and food as medicine recipes to support you in your healing.  Together, we will strengthen  our immune systems and replenish any exhaustion in our bodies so that you can have more energy to show up for yourself and the ones you love.

Our apprenticeship has its roots in the Wise Woman tradition of healing, one of the most ancient healing traditions on the planet.  The Wise Woman Tradition is steeped in practical magic and deeply empowering to women of all walks of life.  

Throughout our journey You Will LEARN:

  • Herbalism Traditions from Around the World 
  • Natural Immune Strengthening 
  • Folk Healing of the Wise Woman 
  • Ancient Remedies for Vitality 
  • Evolutionary Herbalism & Evolutionary Astrology 
  • Intuitive Plant Medicine 
  • How to Create a Home Apothecary 
  • Kitchen Witchery & Food as Medicine
  • Plant Communication 
  • Regenerative Agriculture & Moon Phase Agriculture 
  • Longevity & Self-Renewal Practices 
  • Lunar Rituals to Evoke Magick 
  • How to Replenish Tired Adrenals & Soothe Nerves 
  • Decadent & Delicious Raw Chocolate & Elixir Making 

Lisa Patterson  

I had never experienced anything like feeling the rewards of this apprenticeship and the plant allies we have been working with!  I would be a lifetime student with Jacqui if I could!

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How It Works

Wild Wisdom Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship

April 20 - Oct 28, 2023

Each month we will journey through a theme and deepen our relationship to herbal allies & earth medicine to support us.  Our 6 month training will take us through each of the chakras and the corresponding celestial bodies and herbs, beginning with the root and ending with the crown. Expert guest teachers will grace us with meditations, tools and teachings in alignment with our monthly theme.

We will begin on the Spring Equinox & New Moon, the first day of the astrological new year, working with this auspicious astrology for an evolutionary herbalism experience together, aligned with the ancient rhythms and cycles.

Video lessons will be delivered in an online portal each month, and feature bonus embodiment practices, healing recipes, and guided plant meditations for you to enjoy on your own time.

 We will meet weekly on Zoom for 90  minute classes with rituals, Q & A and guest teachers.  When our meeting falls on the new or full moon, you’ll be invited to gather in sisterhood in ceremony and make medicine together from your own home. 

Every apprentice will receive one on one mentorship and healing guidance from Jacqui.

This is not just another pre-recorded  collection of herbalism videos but a chance to receive personal healing guidance and support as you develop your unique gifts on the herbalism path. 

Each class will be archived and available for replay anytime throughout our journey. All apprentices will be invited to a private online community where we share medicine making inspirations, culinary creations, featured herbs, healing resources, and sisterhood.   Each apprentice will have the opportunity to create her own medicine and share it with the group, and all apprentices will receive a certificate from the Wild Wisdom School of Earth Medicine & Embodiment.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Strengthening your immune system and boosting your resiliency to stress.
  • Feeling fully held by a supportive  sisterhood of Earth loving wise women who will cheer for your healing and happiness
  • Deeper connection to your intuition and inner wisdom with the help of ancient herbal allies.
  • Lunar Rituals, plant meditations and embodiment practices to invoke more magic and awe in your  life
  • One on one support from a master herbalist to help you stop guessing when it comes to healing
  • Sacred medicine making and the joy of creating an in home apothecary

The Curriculum

MODULE 1: Woman as Healer

Gatekeepers: Angelica, Ashwagandha & Burdock
Roots, Grounding & Community Immunity
Chakra: Muladhara, Root
Celestial Body:

  • Meet your unique plant allies and work with Jacqui on a healing protocol 
  • Work with some of best immune system boosting, antiviral herbs for these times 
  • Discover cancer-healing herbs and natural remedies for common ailments 
  • Strengthen your immune system and fortify your resilience with herbal medicine 
  • Replenish tired adrenals and soothe your nervous system 
  • Create a flower essence and herbal tincture for self-healing and regeneration

MODULE 2: Sacred Femininity:

Plants for Personal Power, Sensuality, Inner & Outer Beauty

Gatekeepers: Damiana, Calendula & Shatavari
Theme: Sensuality, Beauty & Hormone Balancing
Svadhisthana, Sacral
Celestial Body:

  • Learn plant allies for sacral chakra health & radiance 
  • Create medicinal chocolates & elixirs to evoke sensuous passion 
  • Discover nature’s greatest herbal aphrodisiacs & hormone balancing plants 
  • Make your own yoni steam tea blend for optimal vaginal health 
  • Study the most beautifying herbs of the Earth for inner and outer radiance 
  • Soothe your skin with homemade botanical face serums, luscious body oils, healing salves and love butters

MODULE 3: Kitchen Witch: Food as Medicine

Gatekeepers: Cacao, Fennel & Marshmallow Root
Nourishment & Digestive Health
Manipura, Solar Plexus
Celestial Body: Sun

  • Create delicious herbal elixirs and raw chocolate making 
  • Optimize your digestive health with plant medicine 
  • Become a superfood sorceress able to make magical healing meals  
  • Make your own herbal syrups, elixirs and potions from botanical treasures 
  • Discover how to make decadent and delicious healthy herbal-infused desserts 
  • Incorporate wild foods into your kitchen alchemy for next level nutrition and magic 
  • Learn how to grow healthy gardens and forage wild medicinal plants in your area

MODULE 4: LOVE Medicine: Herbs for Heart-Opening & Grief Healing

Gatekeepers: Rose, Hawthorn & Mullein
Love, Cardiovascular & Lung Health
Anahata, Heart
Celestial Body: Moon

  • Work with some of nature’s most profound heart-expanding herbs  
  • Make your own rose oil,  rose hydrosol & heart-opening tea blend
  • Learn about the best herbs for cardiovascular and bronchial health 
  • Journey with a heart chakra plant meditation for profound healing 
  • Create a flower essence  for grief and heartache 
  • Learn how to make a potent herbal tincture for emotional and physical heart health

Module 5: Speaking Your Truth: Herbs to Open Your Voice

Gatekeepers: Hibiscus & Borage
Creative Expression, Thyroid Health 
Vishuddha, Throat
Celestial Body: Mercury

  • Free your voice using ancient herbal allies for throat health 
  • Discover plant medicines to unleash creativity 
  • Learn how to keep your thyroid healthy for hormonal balance 
  • Make delicious healing throat syrup & herbal elixirs 
  • Create medicinal throat-soothing honeys & potion

MODULE 6: Plant Spirit Medicine:

Gatekeepers Blue Lotus & Mugwort
Theme: Intuition, Dreamtime, Pineal Gland & Eye Health
Chakra: Ajna, Third Eye
Celestial Body: Saturn

  • Work with herbs for lucid dreaming and dream recall 
  • Integrate plant allies that help decalcify the pineal gland 
  • Discover the optimal herbs for eye health and vision healing 
  • Develop your ability to deeply listen to the voice plant spirit medicine 
  • Study Amazonian healing herbs that have been used for thousands of years 
  • Create lucid dreaming tea blends, tinctures and a soothing herbal eye pillow

Module 7: Consciousness-Expanding Herbs

Gatekeepers: Bacopa, Tulsi & Gotu Kola
Clarity & Optimal Cognitive Health
Chakra: Sahasrara, Crown
Celestial Body: Jupiter

  • Learn to work with herbs that optimize brain health & improve memory 
  • Create crown chakra tea blends & tinctures to help deepen your meditations
  • Make brain nourishing herbal elixirs & tonic treats 
  • Discover herbal remedies for neurological conditions 
  • Work with plant allies for crown chakra activation 
  • Learn the connection between evolutionary herbalism & astrology 

Special Guest Teachers

Kia Miller of Radiant Body Yoga

John Yochanan, founder of Ancient Medicinal Herbs

Meredith Klein, founder of Reverence Botanicals
Sukhdev Jackson, founder of Shakti School
Rosemary Gladstar

Plus more surprise guest teachers announced soon!

Here’s everything you get when you sign up for The Wild Wisdom Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship

  • ✅ Seven inspiring modules of healing teachings across 6 months  
  • ✅ Weekly live Zoom classes with special guest (All classes recorded with replays)
  • ✅ Monthly Q & A day to ask Jacqui anything
  • ✅ A video library of self-study classes & holistic healing resources to enjoy on your own time 
  • ✅ A colorful Wise Woman Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship printable ebook manual organized by modules
  • ✅ Monthly themes to work with and supportive guided meditations, recipes  & embodiment practices 
  • ✅ One on one guidance from Jacqui in creating your herbal medicines and sourcing ingredients 
  • ✅ Jacqui’s Raw Chocolate Making Ebook of Recipes where we dive into how to make the healthiest peppermint patties, vegan Klondike ice cream bars, raw jungle peanut snickers bars, vanilla rose chocolate truffles, maca almond butter cups, aphrodisiac chocolate bars, & more.

Plus, these bonus gifts!

BONUS #1  Live Belly Dance Classes with Jacqui   

✔ Full Moon Sensual Belly Dance Ritual

✔ Heart-Opening Sacred Feminine Dance

BONUS #2 Autumn  Rejuvenation Cleanse Guide

✔ Prep & Recipe Library for a seasonal cleanse

✔ Herbal allies for detox guide to support you in detoxification for those wanting to start the new season cleansing

BONUS #3 Monthly Music Playlists with Ritual, Meditation & Dance Music

Bonus #4  Jacqui’s Herbal Elixir & Chocolate Making Ebook full of Recipes

Join the Magic Now! Registration Closes on April 19, 2023 !















What People Are Saying:

In every way Jacqui Lalita is a goddess and manifests the divine feminine in all she does.  A sacred muse of herbalism, poetry, dance – and of chocolate! – she brings each of these gifts alive in a uniquely luscious and beautiful way.  Jacqui has performed and taught at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference and enchants us always with her profound grace, beauty, kindness  and her very special talents.”

~ Rosemary Gladstar,

Herbalist & Director of the NE Women’s Herbal Conference

“Jacqui is a master herbalist! She teaches the power of herbalism, ritual and embodied feminine wisdom at all my teacher trainings. From curating customized, personal protocols to professionally training herbalists...there is no one more skilled or working with greater integrity. She is a rare Medicine Woman.”

Ashley Turner,

~ LMFT, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Yoga.Psyche.Soul.™

Jacqui’s studies span over two decades and she is so dedicated to helping women remember the innate healing power that lives in them. She is such an inspiration to many. Donʼt miss an opportunity to study with her!

~ Sukhdev Jackson,

Women’s Empowerment & Musician: Shakti School & Aykanna

Words from Jacqui’s Past Apprentices:

Jacqui is an incredible medicine woman and mentor and I am so incredibly grateful I decided to join the apprenticeship. Simply being in her presence and witnessing her ability to connect with plant allies in such a profound way is reason alone to participate. She is pure magic and divine inspiration woven into a tapestry of wisdom and authenticity that is completely inspiring. I learned more than I ever expected not only about herbal medicine but also about myself. I feel privileged to be a part of this apprenticeship and to call her sister, mentor, and friend.
Susan Haebler

I just completed the magical wild wisdom herbal course. Oh my goddess it was so magical. The way Jacqui teaches makes a more complicated theme so fun. I learned so much which I have incorporated into my life as well as my clients. Jacqui lights up when she talks about herbs so she brings such passion and love to every class. I am so grateful to have found her magic. Can’t wait for level 2!

~ Karen Weitz

My kitchen pantry is full of earth medicines that quite honestly I’ll sometimes just stare at in awe of their power and healing beauty. This has been such an incredible journey that has changed how I see everything in the world. The doors to plants and all of their medicine have been burst open just like my heart thanks to Jacqui Lalita and her immense wisdom and passion for all things earth medicine. I cannot say enough about her apprenticeship. She has been one of the sweetest and most authentic guides I’ve had in all of my trainings and soul journeys. I wanted to share because I’ve had so many clients, family, friends and co-workers asking me about herbalism. And I also want everyone to know that this wisdom and healing is available to us all. Jacqui brings all of this to you and so much more.
~ Jennifer Fremion

"Jacqui has inspired a new creation of aliveness within me. Through this herbal apprenticeship, I have developed relationships with the energies of plant life that I did not know existed before. Jacqui’s authenticity and wisdom that she brings to her teachings and meditations have led me on a journey of deep connection and awareness with the plants around me. Jacqui embodies the wise woman tradition. If you have the desire to learn and heal with her, I wish you will follow your heart’s desire."

-Andrea Lantz

 This apprenticeship has brought a new confidence in me, learning and studying the herbal allies, knowing the magic of being able to heal myself and my family is something I will carry with me forever.  Jacqui brings her infinite knowledge, experience and beautiful soul and works to empower each student in every class that she teaches.  The information and support that Jacqui provides as an instructor and life teacher is amazing.   You not only learn about the wonderful power of herbs, but you get a connection with other women that forms a lifetime sisterhood, the understanding of the spirituality behind the herbs,  and in-depth dive of medicine from different regions.   After learning about these beautiful plant allies I’ve been able to make medicine, oils, essences, tea blends, and  incorporate everything I’ve learned into everyday life!

~ Lisa Patterson

The Wild Wisdom Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship has been such an immense blessing and gift in my life! Apprenticing with Jacqui has been all and more than I could have hoped for in my journey to learn about herbalism.   I look forward to each week's class wherein Jacqui or one of her fabulous guest teachers downloads wisdom on the weekly herbal medicine topic. Each week, Jacqui shares written materials, reading recommendations and videos to support our learning. Jacqui's teaching style is infused with warmth, humor, compassion, and just some really deep and practical wisdom on how to work with plants. She frequently leads meditations at the start of class, which help set the mood and bring us into presence for the lesson. She peppers lessons with "how-to" demonstrations on medicine making. Added bonus, she has taught us how to be true kitchen witches, making chocolates and other delicious treats. In short, I highly recommend Jacqui's apprenticeship if you have even the slightest curiosity and desire to know more about herbal medicine!

Nada Shamonki

The Wild Wisdom Earth Medicine Herbal Apprenticeship was taught and led in a powerful unison of sisterhood and herbal knowledge encompassing the different dimensions, energetics, history, science and global traditions. Jacqui is an herbalist master and kitchen witch extraordinaire who humbly serves Gaia and her plant allies as well as her apprentices. This course is ideal for any sister who yearns to deepen her understanding, knowledge and relationship with herself via the plant world. Jacquie is a dedicated teacher, friend and spirit led sister who’s passion and love is contagious and inspiring. I’ll always hold this course’s amazing teachings close in my daily life as I navigate healing, trauma, and self-discovery. 

Tayler Thomson

Such a beautiful, informative, transformational, potent, joyous, heart-opening journey into the plants. Jacqui I loved this apprenticeship with you so much it changed my life! Keep sharing your wisdom and magic.

~ Zoe Nash

This training has been so transformative in so many ways for me! I learned to work with plants and food in a whole different way... the medicine woman way! Jacqui is such a magical medicine woman - she has so much ancient knowledge from this and many lifetimes! Jacqui has inspired me to deepen my relationship to heal and transform myself and others! Sign up for this training! It's an investment for your life! I promise!

~ Johanna Cederstam

I loved everything about my herbalism journey with you! Been creating so much magic ever since!

~ Julie Campione

I first connected with Jacqui during her Dance Detox in January 2022, opening my eyes to the incredible medicines of mother earth and opening my hips & energy with amazing dancing. I've dabbled with herbs here and there in recent years but wanted to dive deeper. Feeling the pull of mama earth and resonating with Jacqui's beautiful energy, I joined her 2022 Wild Wisdom Herbalism Apprenticeship and absolutely loved it!! I feel more connected with myself and mama earth, my relationships across my life have deepened. These medicines and this knowledge have supported me through grief, anxiety, and life's stresses. I feel grounded in the earth and all she provides, knowing this support will be with me through all of life's ebbs & flows. I now have a drawer full of herbs and love creating teas, elixirs, oils, nourishing foods, and other medicines that Jacqui gifted us. I learned to forage and use everyday plants in my local area, something that has brought me great joy. And to this day, I often reference Jacqui's manual, an amazing resource that I will use for life. I am so grateful to Jacqui for this apprenticeship, what a beautiful journey!

~ Caitlin deLahunta

In 2021 I was part of your Herbal Apprenticeship. I loved it and use this knowlegde more and more. It truly has supported my journey but through this knowledge and knowing how to find right herbs for specific needs - ah wonderful. Also Today I support my clients, family, friends. and am grateful I was part of your herbal journey.

~ Mia Maljojoki

Meet Your Guide

Jacqui Lalita is a master herbalist and holistic wellness consultant who focuses on empowering women to harness their innate healing abilities and deepen their connection to the living Earth. She has studied plant spirit medicine around the world, learning directly from the plants themselves to listen deeply to their healing wisdom.

Jacqui is the founder of the Wild Wisdom School of Earth Medicine & Embodiment and offers inspiring trainings to help women connect  to the spirit of nature and the wisdom of their bodies. Through her work with one on one clients, she has helped people heal from such maladies as cancer, hyperthyroidism, candida, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, anxiety, depression and more.

Jacqui has taught courses on herbalism, raw chocolate making, food as medicine, plant spirit magic and holistic healing around the world. The flowers, herbs and trees continue to be her greatest teachers.  


In this time on the planet, the world is calling to you to live in full alignment with your healing abilities, sharing your gifts and talents with others for the uplifting of the Divine Feminine. We are excited to welcome you to this apprenticeship program and help you live your greatest potential as a wise woman healer, uplifting and elevating all those you come in contact with.

In beauty we rise, keepers of the ancient ways, with the Earthʼs sweet medicine to bless our days.
Love, Jacqui